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School pest control – What you need to know.

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School pest control – how to keep your environment free from pests.

School pest control services is something that quite freely gets overlooked. Why? Because in most cases the school will employ cleaners and their grounds keeper to undertake their pest control needs. As you can imagine, children are dirty. They leave food scraps laying around, they drag in dirt and bugs from the playground. When children are involved, the reality is, that you need an active pest management plan for your school pest control needs.

A pest management plans takes into consideration what your school may be exposed to and what pests tend to breed in that environment. Our school pest control services are eco-friendly and odourless. This means our pest control experts can come in, spray the facility and make sure that no children are affected by the smell. Our school pest control services include; planning up a suitable pest management plan, monthly monitoring of baits and traps, bi-monthly spraying if required and undertaking any additional work that is required during the inspections. Our pest management plans covers every aspect of the school’s pest control needs and requirements.

A school has multiple dwellings, thick garden beds and usually built over pre-existing grass lands. This increases the exposure of bugs and pests alike however with a suitable school pest control service you will be able to decrease that risk and minimise your exposure to native pests and wildlife. We don’t just kill pests and wildlife, we set up suitable boundaries that allow the two habitats to live side by side. Our pest management services are known as second to none, our Sydney pest control  team are experts at creating the best solution to your pest control needs. Contact us today for a no obligation free quote and see how we can best assist.

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