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3 Plants that repel insects around your home

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Want to know how to repel insects around your home in a natural way?

Some people try everything to repel insects around your home. Unfortunately, some people and some locations can just be a breeding ground for insects. Do not be afraid to continue sitting around your outdoor area as there are natural ways to repel insects around your home.


Basil is a great plant to have around your communal sitting areas as it will repel against house flies and mosquitoes. Basil is also a popular option for people to plant around their doors and windows to stop these insects from entering your home. Basil can also be made into an insect repellent spray quite easily.


Lavender is the perfect option to repel against insects such as moths, fleas and mosquitos. Although most people love the smell of lavender, these pests can’t stand it. Due to their growing conditions, you will need to plant lavender within your garden and cut bunches to leave around your home.


Most people will have seen lemongrass being used in citronella candles as a way to repel insects around your home. Citronella is a natural oil that is found in lemongrass which is why it is the best way to prevent mosquitoes from attacking you outdoors.

If your wanting to repel insects around your home then these are the most common plants that will satisfy your needs. Most people will usually list these pests as the top 3 insects around the home. You don’t need to lather yourself in sprays or pesticides to stop yourself being bitten. Strategically place these items around your home and you will see the difference that it can make. These plants can be a natural alternative to households that are looking for an organic way to remove pests from their home.

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