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Pests that can affect your health and living conditions

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Here are the main pests that can affect your health.

Pests that can affect your health are usually the most common pests that you would find within your home. Pests can carry many diseases and bacteria throughout your home from room to room. If you want to know what are most commons pests that can affect your health then read on below.


Mice are probably the biggest risk to your health within your home. Mice usually dribble urine on any surfaces that they come in contact with usually, causing contamination.The stream of urine will be guaranteed to be found on your floors and countertops which means that diseases like salmonella and meningitis can severely affect your family. Mice urine will usually dry quickly which means that you won’t normally be able to see it on any surfaces that they have been in contact with.


Everyone’s favourite household pest, the cockroach, is a definite contender for pests that can affect your health. The risks that cockroaches pose to humans is significant as they tend to live in sewerage type environments. While they run around your kitchen cupboards they are leaving traces of bacteria, parasites and pathogens, all of which affect humans. Roaches continue to leave droppings, urine and shed skin around your home spreading air born particles that can affect people with asthma, especially infants and children. Roach dust can get into your lungs causing allergic reactions which is considered to be worse than dog hair, cat fur or your regular household dust.

Bed Bugs

Consider your selves continually warned as a child when someone would say “don’t let the bed bugs bite”. Turns out that this is very true, bed bugs do not normally carry bacteria or harmful diseases they are one of the pests that can affect your health in other ways. Bed bugs will usually bite, cause rashes, scars and legions on your body. Bed bugs have been known to cause major psychological issues with people going to extreme measures to remove bed bugs from their home.  Bed bugs have caused people to inhale harsh chemicals, ruin furniture with property damage and even causing some owners to light their own beds on fire in an attempt to get rid of their bed bugs.

While your health is important, these are the major pests that can affect your health, you should always attempt to keep your house clean and tidy. If you start to notice any of the above pests at your home, it will normally mean that you are providing an environment they enjoy living in.

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