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Purchasing a home – should I get a pest inspection done?

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Should I get a pest inspection done on a new home?

A question we often find customers asking when purchasing a home is should I get a pest inspection done?

When purchasing a home there are a number of things to organise, expensive outlays and can be an overall stressful time. The last thing new purchasers are thinking about is a pest inspection. For just a minor outlay a pest inspection of your new home give you better piece of mind that the home your purchasing is your dream home.

Whether you are moving into the home with your family or looking for your next investment opportunity a building and pest inspection should always be considered and here’s why we always say yes when a customer says should I get a pest inspection done on a new home purchase:

Should I Get A Pest Inspection

– The real estate agent is not going to tell you about any known issues.

Real estate agents are there to sell, most agents have only ever seen the property days before it goes on the market. Agents never influence their sellers to get an updated inspection or spray, it is always at the discretion of the buyer.

– People prioritise their maintenance differently

Just like any other asset that people own, their views on maintenance can be very different to yours. Some owners may own the home for 20 years and have never done a pest spray or termite inspection. Just because the home is still standing doesn’t mean that you’re not buying a property with a garden full of termites waiting to eat your new home.

– The average termite repair cost is $7000



If you need only one reason, this is it. When considering if you should get a pest inspection done on a new home just think about difference between a $200 inspection and possibly a $100 spray compared to $7,000 of damage. Most termites do structural damage that is usually unrepairable.

Dont risk the purchase of your next property, order a pest inspection and remember to maintain the property with annual pest sprays. Want to know how you can check for termites at your home? Visit our ……..

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