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How do I get rid of mice

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How do i get rid of mice in my home?

Many people will asks themselves how do I get rid of mice that have invaded my family home. In most cases, every home owner will run into this problem at least once in their lifetime. Some locations can be more prone to mice infesting their home then others which is why you need to act on it immediately if you believe there may be an issue.

If your asking yourself, how do i get rid of mice? You first need to know how to identify if mice have entered your property. Here are some easy ways to know if you have mice in your home.

  • Scratching, gnawing, squeaking;
  • Live sightings;
  • Carcasses;
  • Droppings;
  • Musky odours;
  • Agitated pets;
  • Chewed food packaging.

If you notice any of these signs at your property then you need to call a pest control specialist to make sure that mice don’t start breeding in your home or start eating live wiring or even causing structural damage. There are some simple preventative  measures that you can do around your home, although this doesn’t mean your home is secure against mice but it can deter them. These simple steps can help you identify and potentially prevent mice:

  • Rodent bait;
  • Mouse traps;
  • Glue boards; &
  • Tracking powders.

The best way to prevent mice entering your home is by contacting a professional and enjoy not having to ever ask yourself how do I get rid of mice in my home.

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