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How to detect termites

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Want to know how to detect termites at your home?

Termites can do some significant damage to your home, these simple steps will show you how to detect termites at your home. Termite’s aren’t the type of guests that will let you know that they are there. Most of the damage that is caused by termites can remain undetected for years. A termite infected house can lose all of its structural integrity which usually means the house has to be demolished and re-built.


If you want to take extra precautions around your home then here’s how to detect termites at your property.

  • Check for hollow sounding wood – tapping around your walls and joins can be a simple way to determine if your property has termites, if your walls sound hollow or papery there may be a swarm of termites eating the wall from the inside out.
  • Small pinpoint holes in your drywall – If you start to notice any pinpoint holes starting to expose themselves in your wall, then this is usually a sign that termites have eaten their way through the wall.
  • Excessively squeaky floor boards – squeaky floor boards can be a great way to detect if your home has termites. As this is something that we are exposure to everyday, if you notice your floor boards squeaking more than usual ensure to have them checked.
  • Crumbling wood in your home or garden – The easiest way to know if your property is exposed to termites is by checking the wood around home and garden. If the wood crumbles in your hand without any effort what so ever, there is a good chance that termites have eaten the wood and potentially moving closer to your home.
  • Clicking or humming sounds coming from your walls – Listen to your walls, if you start to hear a clicking or humming sound then there is a good chance that there may be termites behind the wall.

Remember these tips so you know the most simple ways on how to detect termites.

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