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Hospitality Pest Control Services – What you need to know

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Hospitality pest control services and what you need to know before looking for a pest control company that can cater to your hospitality business.

Hospitality pest control services are an extremely niche market however, they require a significant amount of attention to detail. The hospitality industry typically engages in food handling which need to remain free from bacteria and your everyday household pest. If you’re in the hospitality industry then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are strict pest control requirements that apply to your business. Whether you own a café, pub or restaurant there is no tolerance when it comes to pests invading your food preparation areas. Hospitality business owners are required to make sure that there is absolutely no evidence of pests within your food preparation areas.

 Even if there is the smallest sign of pest exposure it can severely harm your businesses reputation and it will give your customers the perception that your business is dirty or not hygienic. The best way to ensure that your hospitality business isn’t exposed to pests is by contacting a professional pest control company that specialised in commercial hospitality pest control services. The hospitality industry is widely regulated against food handling being done in contaminated areas, to view a full list of legislative requires to the NSW hospitality industry you can view the document here.

 As a professional pest control company that is qualified, insured and specialises in hospitality pest control services we understand that you’re a business and understand that you have food preparation areas that need to remain accessible. We ensure that your services will not be interrupted by using environmentally friendly, non toxic chemicals to ensure that your area remains pest free. Even though we will spray food preparation areas we ensure that there is no risk to contamination. We specialise in using environmentally friendly chemicals that are suitable to both be around children and also the hospitality industry. Read more about finding out if pest control chemicals are safe. 

If you’re wanting to trust a pest control company that puts your business first then get in contact with us and don’t let your business risk it’s reputation or exposure to the various pests that are attracted to food preparation areas.

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