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Find termites? What to do now.

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Want to know what to do if you find termites at your home?

When you find termites in your home then you will probably find yourself yelling to your husband or wife that I found termites, what do I do? The first thing that we tell all of our customers is to get in contact with your local pest control company. Termites can be a time sensitive issue and we have all read and seen horror stories of what damage termites can do to your home. Termites are usually only found by accident and can come as quite a surprise as they are usually concealing themselves behind walls, in your roof, hidden within sun floors and sometimes even furniture. Want to see the 10 signs of structural damage that builders see everyday when homeowners find termites in their home.

 If your wanting to avoid the shock of finding termites at your home then prevention is key. View our article here for signs of termite damage. Unfortunately, if you find termites than looking for signs of exposure is useless. 

 The best thing that you can not do is disturb the termites. This sounds silly, however if you find termites at your home then these termites are most likely in the spot eating through the timber. By disturbing the termites, it will influence them to spread further throughout your home. This puts your home at further risk, makes the extermination a lot harder and potentially not as successful.

 If you have disturbed the termites then there is a good chance that they will retreat through their mud channels and attempt to block access to their nest. This is not the end of the world by any means as we are trained in providing professional extermination services of termites and other pests at your home. Simply don’t disturb their nest any further and call your local pest control company immediately.

 A good rule of thumb is, if you find termites at your home it’s time for a professional to come in and exterminate as quickly as possible without exposing your home to more of a risk.

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