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Pest control in the childcare industry

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Pest control in the childcare industry can be very complex. A childcare centre is required to supply a sustained environment for children with all types of health requirements. To help you identify what to look for when you are trying to find a pest control company for your childcare facility, we have created a small guide on what to check for when hiring a pest control company. Childcare centres house many young children, some of which who can have severe allergies and health concerns where potential chemicals are concerned.

The childcare industry and their pest control requirements is very similar to the requirements of food handling industries as they are consistently legislated and monitored due to the potential health risks that they expose. Pest control in the childcare industry is something that is not taken lightly and auditing can be quite frequent which requires all childcare facilities to produce their pest control management plan.

With major risks and concerns at stake there can be a few simple checks that can be made to minimise your risk of any concerns. Some childcare centres will not engage with any pesticide sprays as it can trigger asthma attacks and expose children to other potential risks. This is why most pest control companies will recommend using baits and traps instead of conducting regular sprays. Another thing to consider when looking for a pest control company try and find a company that you will stick too. Setup a management plan and work together by eliminating the problem. Scheduling monthly pest control checks can eliminate your risk of any major outbreaks or exposures. Talk to your pest control technician and see what he thinks of any potential pest activity. Pest control in the childcare industry requires a proactive approach so discuss low risk options with your technician.

We specialise in niche industries like pest control in the childcare industry, hospitality and other commercial businesses. Engage with a professional pest control company that has your best interest in mind at all times.

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