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Why pest control is a must for the food industry?

When a customer spots a pest in the seating area or evidence of a pest in the food, they will begin to question the sanitation measures of your establishment.

There are several ways pests can jeopardise your restaurant’s name.

The food industry is prevalent in the global market. Whether a restaurant is local or has branches all over, one of the common concerns all food premises have keeping pests under control and out of their establishments. A pest infestation can leave negative image about you as word spreads quickly and before you know it, it will be all over social media!

There is a good reason why people react to bugs and pests the way that they do and the biggest reason is that many pests are responsible for diseases that can be passed on to your customers and employees. Other pests suchas birds and moths can also wreak havoc inside your business contaminating and spoiling food is just one way.

Once an infestation occurs it is extremely hard to maintain or get ontop of as mosts pests choose to target different areas of your premises along with the food they decide to feed on.


Rats are perhaps the most noticeable from all the other pests. You wouldn’t want to see a rat in your kitchen at home nor in a restaurant you’re dining at.

It is safe to say that a rat infestation is an absolute no-no.

Rats breed quickly and before you know it you will have an infestation gone completely out of control.

Rats have sharp teeth, which continue to grow throughout their life, and by gnawing at food, plastic, electrical wiring, etc they file their teeth.

Restaurants and kitchens filled with ingredients, along with great hideouts happen to attract entire clans of rats.

Rats destroy food causing you to also deal with the cost of replacing food and equipment damaged by rats.

You must also consider the number of health issues rats could be transmitting in and around your kitchen and restaurant.



Often mistaken to be rats, mice are part of the same family, however they tend to prefer eating more of grains, wheat in particular.

Mice have a special fondness for places where food is stored and cooked.



All commercial kitchens which contain food and water will definitely attract cockroaches. Also more importantly, there is always at least one entryway for cockroaches to find a way in.

Cockroaches roam in the filthiest of places they carry along with them various bacteria and organisms that can cause digestive and respiratory disorders.

Not only is this harmful to your customers but to your staff as well!

Do you really want to be known as a restaurant or name that has a questionable sanitation level?



Bottom line, Food attracts flies!

Did you know when a fly comes in contact with food they actually vomit on it?

More concerning is the fly vomit is not visible to the naked eye.

Flies rest on the dirty items such as rubbish, deceased animals and faeces, they then land on food, contaminating it.

It is a known fact that flies are symbolic of unhygienic conditions, & that they can cause a number of digestive problems and infections.



An ant is never alone but always accompanied by an army of fellow-ants.

Attracted to food in every form – prepared or unprepared, ants can do a significant amount of damage to your fresh or stored food products leading to monetary loss in the need to replace the ant infested items

If you have a pest issue in your food establishment do not delay in contacting a professional pest control company


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