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How to get rid of mice and rats – Our 3 secrets

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How to get rid of mice and rats – Follow our 3 simple steps

If you’re wanting to know how to get rid of mice and rats than follow these 3 secrets that will help to prevent and even eliminate rice and mats from creating a habitat within your home. Our team specialises in the eradication of rice and mats so we know what it takes to get rid of them and we are here to share our secrets with our customers.

1. Inspect to see if mice and rats have entered your home

Early detection can be a significant factor in getting rid of rats and mice within your home. Look for things like droppings, mouse urine and gnaw marks on any furniture, skirting board and other structures. If you constantly leave food out on benches or dirty plates within your sink then you can also find that food scraps may disappear.

2. Identify the rodent behaviour

The best way to get rid of mice and rats in your home is to understand how they move throughout your home. You will typically find smudge marks along the bottom of walls, tiny tracks within dust, small entry points within dark places of your home. This will show you how a mice or rat moves throughout your home. This will give you the highest chance of getting rid of the problem within your home. If you know that mice are running throughout your home within your walls then you need to identify either where they are getting in or where they are getting out. This will allow you to put baits or traps in the best position to eliminate the problem.

3. Contacting a professional exterminator

If you need to act quickly to get rid of mice and rats within your home then you don’t usually have the time to trial and error different suggestions and tips. Mice can spread throughout your home extremely quickly and cause major structural issues. Contacting a professional company or extermination is in your best interest.

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