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5 Pest Control Myths Dispelled

You’ve most likely heard dozens of pest-removal theories. Are you trying to come up with a solution to get rid of them? Instead of relying on unproven home cures to get rid of bugs, here are five pest control Orlando myths to be aware of.

Keeping your house clean will keep pests away

Many people feel that keeping your house clean and tidy will keep bugs away. This isn’t always the case, however. Bed bugs, for example, can be found anywhere there is warmth and wetness. This means that bed bugs can be found even in the cleanest 5-star hotel.

In mouse traps, use cheese as bait

A frequent myth about mice is that they enjoy cheese, thanks to childhood shows and cartoons. As a result, using cheese as bait seems reasonable. Wrong. When it comes to cheese, mice are surprisingly unbiased. Peanut butter is their favorite food. Using a small amount of peanut butter to bait a mouse trap usually works.

Having a Pet in Your Home Can Prevent Pests

Pests will not be scared and stay away just because you have a dog or cat in your house. Rodents have been known to enter areas where your pet cannot, such as under floors, behind walls, and even air ducts. Furthermore, pests may be attracted to the food your pet eats.

Pest Control is Unnecessary

Even if you don’t see a pest problem right now, bugs could be causing havoc on your property without your knowledge. It is critical to have a professional inspection performed.Another reason people may prefer not to hire a professional is the belief that the chemicals utilized are potentially dangerous to humans. While some pesticides are harmful to people, your pest control professional will inform you before they are used and advise you whether or not you should remain away.

Pests Can Be Prevented by Using Ultrasonic Sound

Many people have turned to ultrasonic devices to scare pests in order to avoid using harmful poisons. They feel that by choosing this ecologically friendly alternative, they would be able to solve the problem while also being considerate of the environment. The study into these gadgets, however, is still in its early stages. Although pests can hear noises that humans cannot, it is unclear if these sounds act as a strong enough annoyance for them. Many customers have reported that the devices appeared to work at first, but then stopped operating fully after a few weeks. Ultrasonic sound devices do not appear to be a long-term viable option.


It doesn’t have to be difficult to keep pests under control. When dealing with a pest infestation, the best course of action is to contact a local pest control firm.Leave it to the professionals instead of turning to ineffective pest control myths.

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