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10 Genius Tips to Keep Ants Out of Your Home

Ants are one of the most troublesome pests you’ll come across in your home. While they may be modest in size, their colonies can include thousands of ants, making them a much bigger problem than the one pesky rodent you can release gently. There are a few things you can do to keep ants out of your house. The National Pest Management Association has more ideas and initiatives, but here are ten brilliant ways to keep ants out of your house


Calcium carbonate is a naturally occurring chemical found in chalk, limestone, and marble. Chalk can be used in two ways to help keep ants out of your house: Draw lines around the entrances to your property; smash your chalk and spread the powder over your home and garden.


Flour, like chalk, is a natural ant deterrent. The best approach to utilize flour is to strew a small quantity at the back of your cupboard and the entrances of your home. Ants, like chalk, will not be enticed to enter your home.


Lemons are also an excellent natural and humane ant repellent. Squirt lemon juice on all of your home’s entrances, including the windows! Also, strew little lemon slices about the outside of your house. If you have other pest problems, such as roaches or fleas, you can mop your floors with a mixture of lemon juice and water.


Oranges work much like lemons do. You can follow the same steps listed above or create an orange puree to pour directly around the ant hills in your yard.


To make the ultimate ant repellant, combine equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Simply spray the ant hills and other areas where the insects are visible.

Salt and Pepper

Simply sprinkle salt, pepper, or both at the entrances of your home, as you would chalk and flour. Even the most tenacious ants will be put off from entering.

Storage Containers

Put tempting ingredients like sugar in plastic or glass storage containers to help prevent infestations.

Boiling Water

You may choose to take a different method to preventive, such as extermination, depending on the severity of your infestation problem — or the intensity of your rivalry. One of the most effective methods for eradicating an ant colony is to lay an upside-down flower pot – a Terracotta pot with a drain hole – on top of the ant hill. To effectively drown the colony, pour hot water into the drain hole.

Boric Acid

Use a baster to apply a light application of boric acid to attractive spots such as hard-to-reach corners and the back of your pantry. Just be cautious when using this because it is highly toxic to children and pets.

Hire a Professional

Sometimes, the best option is hire a professional. Certified exterminators can spray around your home and help remove ant hills as they pop up. In the case of an infestation, they can also effectively remove the pests. Our expert team here at Pest Control Sydney is ready to help!

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