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Termite Prevention Tips

Termites are a problem for households . It’s nearly impossible to get rid of an issue without the assistance of a professional once you have one. Termites have an inexhaustible supply of food in your home. Termites may eat wood, flooring, and even wall paper, as long as it contains cellulose.Worst of all, most termite indicators go undiscovered until it’s too late and you’ve got a big problem. Because termites are so tough to get rid of once you have them, your best chance is to try everything you can to prevent them from becoming a problem in the first place.

  • Fix leaking faucets and water lines both inside and outside to get rid of moisture.
  • Termites feed on mulch, wood debris, scrap lumber, and firewood, so keep them away from your property.
  • To avoid adding moisture to your foundation, grade the soil so that water, including AC condensation, drains away from it.
  • During the swarming season (early spring), turn off outside lights at night and keep doors and windows locked.
  • Repair any broken roof tiles or attic entrances – exposed wooden beams in the attic provide a free meal.
  • Remove old tree stumps and treat infested trees on your property.
  • Limit wood to soil contact, including wooden fences that run along your property.
  • Termites can feed on cardboard boxes, so get rid of them in places like the garage and attic.
  • Check the foundation for mud tubes and cracks on a regular basis.
  • Make an appointment for a professional inspection once a year.

The easiest approach to avoid termite infestations is to inspect these areas on a regular basis. It’s also a good idea to employ a professional pest control technician to check for termites in places you might not have considered, perform preventative termite control measures, and exterminate any termites that have made themselves at home.

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