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Rodents (rats and mice) can multiply very quickly and will do significant damage to your house, business and furniture through their troubling activities. So a small rat control or mice control problem can become a big problem very quickly. These rodents are omnivores, which means they are capable of eating all kinds of food and products. A group of 10 rats can produce as much as 54 litres of urine and 146,000 droppings every year, marking their tails all over your benches and floor.

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Rat traits and other facts

  • Spreads diseases- Rats and mice, through their urine and droppings play a role in transmitting diseases to humans including the bubonic plague (ex. Black plague that resulted in the deaths of 70 to 200 million people in Europe over 300 years ago), salmonella, Murine typhus fever, trichinosis and Weil’s disease.
  • Physical damage- the gnawing habit of rats and mice can cause considerable damage to doors, floor boards, books, food containers, homes insulation and upholstery.
  • Food poisoning– rodents can cause food poisoning by contaminating utensils and food preparation areas from their hair, urine and droppings.
  • Cause fires– through the chewing of electrical wires.

Types of rats and mice

The most common rat and mice species in Sydney are:

  • Roof (or black) rat- these rats you’ll find in your ceilings and wall cavities. They are agile and have a great ability to climb.
  • Norway (or brown) rat- lacks any great skill to climb and tends to be underground and any small holes can be an indicator of brown rats.
  • House mice- tiny, sparrow-sized rodents with long thin tails and orange brown fur on the head and back. Much smaller than rats.

What are some sign of the presence of rats?

  • Droppings- dark brown in a tapered, spindle shape, usually about 10 – 15 mm long.
  • Noise- rat activity can be indicated by unusual, movement noises in the ceiling.
  • Holes- Rats gnaw to keep their incisors down and use wood, metal, conduit and cables in order to do this as such holes and cavity in walls are good signs of the presence of rodents.

How can we help?

At NSW Pest Control we can set up an annual program to get rid of rodents in your premises and its surrounding environment. We also give you professional advice on how you can help reduce future problems.

Inspect– our initial site inspection will give us an indication of the extent of a rat incursion of your home or business premises.

Baiting– We will set up rodent bait stations at various strategic locations in and around the building to eliminate the colony. In baiting, we need to analyse the surrounding area to make sure the bait is not competing with other food sources and to make it as attractive as possible to a rat.

Please Contact NSW Pest Control or call us on 0415 224 338 to see how we can maintain your environment free of rodents and other pests.

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