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Fleas are wingless parasite that feed off the blood of humans and pets such as cats and dogs. Fleas are known to transmit tapeworm larvae and in extreme cases, the disease murine typhus and the bubonic plague. Fleas are hosted by animals, from whom they derive their nutrition, however, adult fleas can survive approximately one week without getting food in the form of blood, while larvae flea can live for about months without food.

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Fleas depend upon blood from host to survive, meaning a flea infestation in your home is most likely introduced into your home via pets or any other mammal hosts. Sometimes, flea may become a problem inside your house when the host they previously fed upon is no longer around.  This results in fleas focusing their feeding activity on other hosts- that is those who reside inside the home. For example, a pet such as a dog was previously inside the house but the moves outdoors, the flea that previously fed on the dog are then forced to feed on people living inside the house.

One of the early sign of flea infestation is that you will find that your pet will be scratching and seem quite irritated. Other places you might be able to examine fleas are in coats or at the base of the fur on the skin. Other sign that indicate flea activity include flea dirt that looks coarse ground pepper.  Flea dirt, which is actually digested dried blood, may be seen in pet beds, carpets, rugs, coats and other areas where hosts rest.

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