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Ants Pest Control

Of the few thousand ant species that exist in Australia, only a few are considered pests. The small Black House ants and Coastal Brown ants that develop large colonies in and around houses are of the most concern.

There exists thousands of ant species in Australia, out of which only a few are considered pests. The three main types of ant species found in Sydney are:

  • The white-footed house ant
  • The Odorous House Ant
  • The brown coastal Ant
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Ants look similar to termites and the two are often confused by nervous homeowners. However, termite’s antenna are almost straight while the ant’s antenna is elbowed. Also, ants have a narrow waist between the abdomen and thorax while termites have a broad waist.

Ant activity often increases during periods of high humidity and often new nests are established in areas where ants may not have been noticed before.

The problems associated with ants aren’t that obvious, however, their infiltration into your home can be invasive. Whilst ants do not eat wood they can nest in it and through there, they can travel to other areas where their activity could lead to short-circuits and even fires.  They can be very frustrating for the homeowner in the sense that no matter how hard you try to kill them they keep reappearing. This is due to the fact that they have an entire colony setup somewhere on your property.

NSW Pest Control has a great deal of experience in the control of ant colonies. If you have an ant problem externally, we track the location of the ant colony and flood the tunnels and galleries with liquid insecticide. This is by far the best way to treat ants. Internally, we exploit ant activity and use bait that is then taken back to the ant colony where it can target many more members of the colony and its queen, and thus kill of all the ants present in your home.

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